Plane snoozing, peanut scooping, eye rolling (Why I love my kid)

Travel time

This is my kid. Yes, he’s sleeping. Head down, on an airplane. How can he do that??

Dining out

This was last night’s dinner. Out on the town. Shouldn’t everyone go gourmet when they travel?


This delightful appetizer was part of the ambiance last evening, with that fabulous burger and fries.

“What a great idea,” I said, after we scooped some peanuts, and munched them with our burgers. “Wish we had one of these places at home.”

My son rolled his eyes.

“We do, Mom,” he said.

Still – what’s not to love about peanuts and burgers?

Hotel living

“Look at this view!” I said, as we both stood from our ninth story window, overlooking skyscrapers on one side, and a college campus on the other.

“Doesn’t this feel incredible? I love the energy of the city. And it’s so great to get away.


He rolled his eyes again and gave me a little smile.

“Yes, it is good to get away,” he said.


He doesn’t say much. He gives me a lot of those “looks” – you know – the kind parents get all the time when we embarrass our kids. Not horribly. Just the usual amount of parental embarrassment.

And so far, so good. We’re here. Four months ago, pulling this off was unimaginable. The application process to this program. Figuring out the money. But we did it. He did it, with his brains and his talent.

Parenting pleasures

Yesterday on our flight as my son slept beside me, I realized how long it’s been since we shared a room, or since I watched him sleep.

Today, I’ll settle him into this academic program for the rest of the summer, hope to hit one museum, and head home in the morning. Knowing he’ll be fine. Better than fine.

My parenting job is far from finished, but it continues to evolve. There will be more hoops to jump through, but for now, I am content to spend this important weekend with this plane snoozing, peanut scooping, eye rolling kid who can drive me crazy. And I couldn’t begin to express all the reasons I love him, and how proud I am to be his mom.