Guys and Dolls: Blogging Awards

Thanks to the ever-gracious and courageous Wendy at Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, I am the proud recipient of the Sugar Doll Award!

I am particularly pleased to receive this from Wendy, because knowing she reads what I write matters a great deal to me. That my site provides both community and a bit of whimsy has encouraged me to be more open with some of what I have experienced in the past, and am dealing with now.

To say that reading her words is helpful (and grounding) is an understatement. Her daily bravery is no small thing, and I would urge you to visit her site, and you’ll understand why I say that. Wendy, thank you. For everything.

The Sugar Doll Award Requirements

So here’s how it works. The pastel-clad Sugar Doll is passed along to one or more terrific writers who connect, contribute, entertain, enlighten, and otherwise make our day. Each person who receives it may then choose one to ten others to whom it is given. And the recipient is required to post “Ten things you don’t know about me.” In other words – give us the scoop on some tidbits we wouldn’t otherwise know!

Now. About this particular shade of rose…

I’ll readily admit that Pepto pink isn’t my color, and I’m not very “sparkly” when it comes to my style sensibilities, unless we’re talking black, a Parisian setting, and just the oh-so-right earrings and opera length gloves to match. Or maybe a little biker chic by way of leather jeans, the perfect T, and gladiator heels?

Well, perhaps not this week. But fashion (non)sense and sensibilities aside, no one said that a guy can’t be one helluva doll.

My picks for the Sugar Doll include some hot-hottie-hot writing men, along with some very special women. That means breaking out the tuxedos and top hats as well as the Red Carpet gowns and baubles. Polish up your acceptance speeches (and exotic informational lists) and go for the pink – champagne that is. Oh hell, have a bourbon or a Bloody Mary if you prefer.

A toast to each of you (and a thank you), for sharing your wit and wisdom with those of us who get so much out of reading you.

Red carpet fashion, please. And a drum roll…

Okay, Joan Rivers. Whip out the microphone and give us the run down as our recipients show off their designer finery. Tuxedos and tiaras. And haute couture footwear, naturally… Paparazzi, please. And now, the envelope:

Sugar Guys and Sugar Dolls:

Learning communities

One of the pleasures of this exercise is in broadening our reading and writing communities: sharing narratives, anecdotes, laughter and discussion on everything from pop culture news and views, to values, health, and family – and seeing things from perspectives other than our own.

In each of these writers you will find humor, authenticity and generosity of spirit, and I know they will pass along the Sugar Doll Award to others whom we’d enjoy getting to know.

And then, they’ll share their own list of “Ten things you don’t know about me” – either in the same post, or a separate post, sometime in the days that follow.

Appropriate attire required – little black dress?

Meanwhile, I’ll be putting on my very chic estate sale thinking cap (above) – and quite possibly my favorite little black dress and pearls (Coco Chanel would approve).

Shoes? Natch… Stilettos, guaranteed. Then I’ll work on a list to amuse you (those 10 things you still don’t know about me), coming to a theater near you. Soon!

So for all you newly named guys and dolls, we look forward to reading you, and then enjoying your selections as you pass along the award.

© D A Wolf